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Yacon Syrup – Health Benefits and Side Effects

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Wednesday, December 8th 2021

Yacon syrup – Everything you need to know is here

Yacon SyrupYacon syrup is one of the natural supplements that can help you lose weight. In this article you will discover everything you should know before starting your diet.

From fad diets to so-called revolutionary fitness regimens, people these days are no strangers to new discoveries in the field of health and wellness. For the most part, there have been promising products that bring about positive results. However, there are also products that turn out to be nothing but overly hyped-up money wasters.

For those who are wondering about the Yacon Syrup, you can rest easy knowing that this product is well worth the money.

For more discerning customers, however, there is so much more to know about Yacon Syrup than what most advertisements disclose (this product is predominantly used as a weight loss aid). Provided below is valuable information about this product, including its uses, benefits, and potential side effects.

What Exactly is Yacon Syrup?

This product is primarily used as a natural sweetener, and is extracted from the Yacon plant. The tuberous roots are where the syrup is actually found, and they are indigenous in Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru. Yacon is considered one of the most preferred natural sweetener because it contains about 50% FOS or Fructooligosacharides, which do not in any way increase blood glucose levels (a fact that diabetics should be aware of).

As far as taste goes, Yacon syrup is quite similar to caramel or molasses but some connoisseurs would argue that it does have a different layer of flavor.

Why Did it Become so Popular?

Due to the nature of today’s communication technology, people are no longer shocked or surprised to find out about one health craze after another. However, the Yacon Syrup made waves because it was introduced and discussed at length on Dr. Oz’s TV show. Since then, it has been the subject of so many discussions, not to mention it has become quite a popular health product.

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Yacon Syrup Benefits

For those who follow Dr. Oz’s show on the tube, it is rather apparent that Yacon syrup is primarily a weight loss product. However, it is important to note that it does provide many other health benefits apart from effective weight reduction.

Top benefits of using Yacon syrup include the following:

High Fiber Content

While it seems unlikely at first glance (which is not at all surprising because not that many natural sweeteners are fiber rich), Yacon syrup is full of dietary fiber, which provides a number of advantages. A high fiber diet is usually recommended to people who have frequent bouts with indigestion, irregular and/or painful bowel movements, and other relevant forms of digestive distress.

Adequate fiber consumption is not always something that people are mindful of in terms of their diet. However, it is fairly important in keeping the digestive system healthy so taking just the right dosage of Yacon syrup daily would help immensely.

Helps Lower Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels

People battling diabetes would be glad to know that they can use an alternative sweetener that is just as sweet as sugar sans the negative effects. Those who cannot do without sweetener in their daily tea or coffee can (and should) use yacon syrup as a substitute, which not only addresses one’s sweet tooth but also help reduce glucose levels in the blood. In the same way, Yacon has properties that combat high cholesterol with regular use.

Increases Bone Density

Aging has many drawbacks, not the least of which is bone loss. While people advancing in years try their best to rely on calcium supplements and specially formulated milk products, losing bone density is more or less inevitable. This is something that Yacon can rectify, with regular use as its natural properties facilitate the fortification of bones, particularly the spine. As a result degenerative conditions such as scoliosis, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis can be effectively prevented if not significantly delayed.

Improves Immune System Function

The human body’s immune response is its first line of defense against infections, which makes it a very important system to maintain. Since poor nutrition and other less than healthy habits tend to weaken the immune system, it is necessary to take appropriate steps to fortify it. Yacon supplement is known to build up and protect that body’s defenses so that it can defend itself against diseases, especially ones that cause degenerative effects on one or more organ systems.

Increased Energy Levels

This is one of the best side effects (fringe benefits) of this product since it would help people who suffer from lethargy or premature exhaustion. Not to mention this would also help you push through grueling exercise routines that you would normally quit for being too tired after a hard day at work or at home.

Yacon syrup increases energy level

Yacon Syrup and Weight Loss

When Dr. Oz first expressed his approval and apparent passion for this product, he did mention its many heath benefits. However, since it is heavily marketed as a weight loss product, Dr. Oz (as well as other lauded health professionals) decided to delve into its benefits as a supplement for weight reduction. It has been explained, in detail, how pure Yacon syrup can help with weight loss.

Here are some of the most important facts one should know before buying this product for purpose of losing weight:

Appetite Suppression

Independent studies have yielded results that point to significant reduction in appetite in people who regularly take Yacon. Naturally, when you do not eat as much, your body has lesser calories to process. At a certain point, there will be a significant deficit (when your daily calorie needs exceed your actual intake), in which case the body will start metabolizing its calorie reserves.

Increased Rate of Metabolism

Not only will you be able to control and limit your food consumption but your body will also burn off twice as much calories from carbohydrates and fat. Appetite suppression and increased metabolic rate are the one-two punch of effective weight loss so you can definitely expect positive results.

Re-conditioned System

Taking Yacon syrup daily is as close as you can get to completely rebooting your body. This pertains not only to your digestion, but also to your unique metabolic process. After some time (a few weeks or months of consuming Yacon syrup), your body will be tuned back into its original state where it can absorb as much nutrients as it needs and do away with the excess calories effectively. The net result is that you obtain a normal body mass and you do not gain back the weight at all.

Yacon Molasses healthy sweetener

Is it a Miracle Cure?

Even as Dr. Oz lauds this product, he does not go so far as claim its infallibility. For starters, the results provided by Yacon syrup (no matter how impressive) may still differ from one person to another. It would still depend largely on whether or not you exercise and take other necessary steps towards improving your overall state of health.

Nevertheless, Yacon Syrup is an exciting new product that can only bring good things to those who use it right. If you are looking to make positive changes in your body, today is the perfect day to do so with the help of Yacon.

What is The Yacon Diet

Over the course of the last few years, the definition of diet has extended to platforms that focus mainly on the use of supplements. In this case, the Yacon Diet is a program that is designed to help people lose weight (and reap other fringe health benefits as well) using 100% pure Yacon syrup at a designated daily dosage.

What to Expect

In the short time that Yacon syrup has been available on the market, it has received wide acclaim not only from customers but also from health professionals (not the least of which is Dr. Oz). Based on the independent studies conducted to explore the real effects of this product, almost all participants have lost weight and most of them continued to lose more over the course of a few months.

*** My Personal Experience with Yacon ***

All the data I got from my research made me want to try out yacon syrup. So first I had to find the right product. It’s easy enough to know where to buy yacon syrup – you just go online.

The brand I got (Yacon Molasses) was made in the US, and it was actually manufactured in a lab that’s cGMP certified and registered with the FDA. It was 100% pure organic and it contained 50% Fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

I also visited my doctor before taking the syrup. You always consult your doctor when you try out anew supplement. My doctor didn’t object because…

  • I was older than 18 years old, as yacon syrup is not recommended for children.
  • I didn’t have diarrhea or loose stools, because if I did then the yacon syrup (which cures constipation) can make them worse.
  • I wasn’t allergic to sunflower seeds (they’re related to yacon), sot that meant I probably wasn’t allergic to yacon syrup.
  • I wasn’t breastfeeding or pregnant at the time.

Yacon Molasses personal review

I got the 16-ounce bottle, which was enough for 32 tablespoons. That’s a little bit more than a month’s worth, since the recommended dosage was 1 tablespoon a day. One tablespoon is 3 teaspoons—I checked it online too—so that means 1 teaspoon for me 3 times a day.

The instructions also said that it’s best to take it before a meal, so that’s one teaspoon before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For the breakfast portion, I just used it as a sweetener for my morning coffee. According to my research, that should be okay. It’s only when you use it when there’s really high temperatures involved (like in baking) that you may lose some of the beneficial effects.

So I took my yacon syrup faithfully for a month. This is the great thing about this supplement. There’s no great hardship involved like in fasting diets or in extreme workouts. So there’s very little chance of quitting.

As an added measure, I also kept my diet in check. No sodas, no junk food, no fast food. I tried to cut down on processed sugar, so of course all those sinful desserts were out. I had lots of veggies and fruits (or at least, as much as I could).

I also exercised and I also did half an hour of brisk walking around the neighborhood 3 to 4 times a week. Going to the gym regularly didn’t really fit my work schedule. In that sense, I’m like most people.

I didn’t really care about scientific integrity. I just wanted to lose weight, so if there was any way I could help the yacon do its stuff, I did it. I wasn’t out to duplicate the results of other yacon studies, nor did I have any plans of publishing in a scientific journal.

The point was that I was doing all the other extra stuff, but I didn’t have yacon syrup then.

Does Yacon Syrup Work?

It did for me. I actually lost more than 10 pounds and more than 2 inches around my waist in 5 weeks.

And it also worked for all those women on the Dr. Oz yacon syrup experiment, as well for the women in the Argentine study I mentioned earlier. And if you root around online, you’ll come across yacon syrup reviews which indicate that it does work.

But the real question here is: will it work for you? And the answer to that is: no one knows for sure until you try it. This is one of the most annoying realities of weight maintenance: that each person may react differently to the food and supplements they are taking. Some people can eat anything they want and they don’t gain a pound, while others balloon after a bite of cheesecake. It’s the same principle at work with yacon syrup or for any other supplement—it may work for some and not work for others.

But even though I can’t really speak for the others, I can speak for myself. And I’m telling you, the fact that I can lose that many pounds and take off that many inches from my waistline, while not exactly fasting and running the marathon every week, makes yacon syrup just about the best weight loss supplement I’ve ever tried.

My Yacon Molasses experience

It even tastes nice, and if you’ve been on a diet you know how important taste is. After all that bland, tasteless diet food items, a teaspoon of sweet yacon molasses actually makes for a nice change.

So should you buy it? My answer is, why the heck not? What have you got to lose? It’s not as if it’s super-expensive. Before you try to kill yourself with extreme diets and killer workouts, try yacon syrup first.

Just don’t use it as a license to indulge in sweets and sit on the couch all day long. Use some common sense. Try to say no to sweets and processed foods, and then try to be active as much as you can.

Yacon syrup is a supplement that can help you lose weight. It’s not a miracle drug. I’m not telling you that it will work for you. Rather, I’m saying that it may work for you, just as it worked for me and many others who wanted to lose weight.

Where to Buy Yacon Syrup to Start the Yacon Diet

You can lose weight easily with pure Yacon syrupNow that you are thoroughly impressed with the potential of this supplement, it is time to decide where to buy Yacon syrup. Luckily, there is no need to leave the comfort of your home to buy Yacon syrup as it is widely available online. This website is a reputable online retailer of Yacon syrup and it offers the product to consumers from various countries.

Their 60 day money back guarantee is certainly very attractive, especially for those who do not want to take the risk of trying a product that they believe might not work for them.

Given the ease at which you can get Yacon syrup as well as the reasonable price it is sold at, there really is no reason to pass up on the opportunity to lose weight and become a healthier person.

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