Eat metabolism boosting foodsDescription: Simply cutting back on the number of calories from food that you eat to lose that extra weight is a myth. Revving up your metabolism is a better option for effective weight loss and subsequent weight management.

Knowing how to speed up metabolism is the first thing you should know about weight loss. Certain kinds of foods work better than others in speeding up metabolism. In fact, some foods already help you burn calories as you chew them by as much as 30%.

About 10% of calories that the body ingests keep on burning to digest and absorb food, meaning, the more frequently we eat, the more our metabolism works to our advantage. But we have to know exactly what metabolism boosting foods can help achieve weight loss healthily and nutritionally.

How to Classify Metabolism Booster Foods

Classifying foods that speed up metabolism is an excellent way to base your dietary choices on. Consuming small but regular meals, instead of eating a couple of large meals, during the way keeps your metabolism in working condition.

Here are four kinds of food classifications that not only increase metabolism but ensure that you get the sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients necessary for a balanced diet. The foods under each classification can be incorporated into the meals you already have everyday.

1. High Energy Foods

Coffee, green and black tea, and dark chocolate contain the stimulant commonly known as caffeine which can speed up metabolism by as much as 5% to 8%. Coffee can help you get that percentage with between eight and 128 calories daily for your central nervous system.

Although black and green teas have less caffeine content than coffee, they contain the anti-oxidant called catechins which increase metabolism levels of “metabolism at rest,” or when you are doing absolutely nothing, by as much as 4% with 80 calories daily.

Coffee, incidentally, should not be loaded up with cream and sugar to minimize the absorption of more calories from either addition.

Dark chocolate is a natural metabolism booster which has both caffeine and catechins but because it also contains a number of calories and fat, albeit “good fat,” a serving of an ounce a day is the recommended consumption to avoid weight gain.

Milk chocolate as well as “white” chocolate are not metabolism boosters like their dark cousin; they contain more fats and calories than caffeine and aren’t suitable choices for speeding up metabolism.

2. Chewy Foods

Nuts, vegetables, lean meats, and whole fruits are excellent metabolism boosters which help you burn calories right off your spoon, knife, and fork as you chew them. Foods which take more time to chew offer you more work to do; chewing an apple, for instance, burns more calories than swallowing applesauce. Maximize this “chewing factor” by choosing vegetables, nuts, and fruits in their “whole” or uncooked condition as much as possible.

Have unsalted and unroasted peanuts instead of peanut brittle and carrot sticks over pureed carrots in carrot cake. Lean meats with their fat trimmed off are also good because it takes time to chew. “Chewy” foods may be considered the best metabolism booster in more ways than one because these leave the stomach longer during the digestive process to give your brain the signal that you are satisfied and full.

3. Hale and Hearty Foods

Active calories are packed with dietary fiber in brown rice, quinoa, cereals, and whole grains; these “hale and hearty foods” take up more belly room in comparison to other kinds of foods having similar calorie numbers; they also leave you less susceptible to second helpings.

The co-relation of metabolism and weight loss is best seen in how thermogenesis works. This is the heat production process which involves using energy to digest, absorb, and distribute nutrients from these foods. Calories burn by as much as 10% as your mouth chews all these foods, increasing the level of thermogenic activity in the body.

Capsaicin from chillies for weight loss4. Thermogenic Foods

Calories need to be “activated” in order for them to get burned. You can always take metabolism booster supplements while eating warming foods that give off heat such as vinegar, cloves, mustard, cinnamon, hot peppers, garlic, and ginger. Wise dieters know that consuming hot peppers will double their energy consumption after eating them.

Peppers, for instance, even in their mildest varieties, contain the chemical capsaicin, a compound which can help burn as much as 100 calories per day. This process involves binding their capsaicin content to the body’s nerve receptors and send fat-burning, appropriate signals to the brain; several metabolism booster supplements have comparable properties and function similarly.

Some Precautions on Consuming Metabolism Boosters

Some precautions are necessary to undertake, however, when consuming metabolism boosting foods such as those in the warm foods category. Not all spices are less caloric when they are incorporated as ingredients in a recipe. Curry, for instance, has roughly six calories per teaspoon; as an ingredient in a restaurant’s recipe, however, it can easily become 406 calories with 29.3 grams of it as fat and 7.3 grams of it as saturated fat.

Consuming the categorized foods that speed up metabolism mentioned earlier are not enough to help you burn calories and unwanted fat if these are cooked with other fat-laden products such as butter, whole milk, powdered sugar, and other additives, food enhancers, and seasonings containing high amounts of sodium, MSG, and other chemical substances.

Faster Metabolism = More Calories Burned = Weight Loss

Making better and wiser food choices for faster metabolism and weight loss would have to go hand in hand with a regular physical regimen such as a daily workout. Resistance training and aerobic exercises are sure-fire activities which can shed off fat and burn calories.

Here’s a simple rule of thumb to consider: a faster metabolism means more calories burned which in turn translates to weight loss. A sauna is yet another way to learn on how to speed up metabolism. Assuming that you don’t have any existing medical conditions, an hour taking a sauna in a steam room can boost your metabolism by as much as 20%!

How to increase metabolism

Drink Water So Your Liver Can Burn Fat

Remember that there is no one best metabolism booster that can burn calories right away or shed off fat immediately; it is really a combination of the right kinds of foods and regular and correct physical fitness regimen of workouts and training programs.

You probably didn’t know it but water is considered to be a natural metabolism booster. Drinking sufficient amounts of water, for instance, can slow down your body’s metabolic rate in the same manner as consuming less food. When your body lacks water supply, your liver will focus on retaining whatever little water you drink instead of doing what it’s designed to do: burn fat.