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Do you want to lose weight? If so, you might be interested in trying out yacon syrup for weight loss.

But wait, are we talking about another weight loss supplement. It’s as if the weight loss industry is really making sure they get their money’s worth from all of us who are having trouble keeping off the extra pounds, huh?

It’s not that there are very few of us who are packing more pounds than we need. In the US, overweight people are actually growing in number, which is why some people in the health care industry are calling it an epidemic. More than two thirds of the US adult population are overweight, and about a third of all adults are obese (which means they’re really overweight).

But then again, there’s always the chance that this time it may actually work. This is a pretty common attitude among overweight people who are rather desperate about find an effective way of losing weight.

Doctors tell us that we need a proper diet and regular exercise, but we all know that it’s easier said than done. A restrictive diet fails, sooner or later, and as for exercise well, not all of us have the extra hours or the discipline to maintain such effort at least on a regular basis. We do what we can, but we all have to work and we all have to rest.

But just because you hear that there’s a new weight loss supplement doesn’t mean you should try it right away. So when I came across yacon syrup, I had to do some research, which I did, before I actually made the decision to give it a shot.

What Is Yacon Syrup?

Let’s talk about yacon first. It looks a bit like a sweet potato. This is a fruit that grows down south in the Andes, from Columbia to the northern parts of Argentina. In places like Brazil and Bolivia, yacon is recommended for people with diabetes, while in Peru people have long known about its nutritional benefits.

The process of making yacon syrup is pretty much the same as making maple syrup. Yacon syrup is perhaps one of the best sources of fructooligosaccharides (or FOS, which makes it easier to type). Yacon syrup is about 40 to 50 percent FOS.

FOS is made of sugar molecules, so it tastes sweet, like molasses. It’s as consistent as molasses too. FOS isn’t digestible, so they make for great sweeteners. Yacon syrup has only a third of the calories found in sugar, which means 1 teaspoon of this syrup only has 20 calories.

How Did Yacon Syrup Become Famous as a Weight Loss Supplement?

While a lot of previous studies focused on yacon’s benefits for diabetics, it was one particular 2009 Argentine study published in Clinical Nutrition which really started all the excitement.

In the study, they had a group of obese women take 3 to 4 teaspoons of yacon syrup every day, while another group women were given placebos. Everyone was told to reduce their calorie consumption somewhat, and they all had to walk 45 minutes a day twice a week.

After 120 days (or roughly four months), the placebo group didn’t really show any significant changes, so I guess a slight reduction of calories plus an hour and half walking in a week didn’t cut it.

But the yacon group was a different story. In that group, the women lost 33 pounds and reduced their waistlines by 4 inches. Their BMI went down from 34 to 28. These are all average results, mind you. And that meant some people had more dramatic results.

There were other health benefits too. The yacon women had their insulin levels improved (fasting insulin levels dropped by 42%), and there was an astonishing drop in their bad cholesterol. It went down from 137 mg/dL to 97.5 mg/dL, which was a 29% improvement. Even their stool frequency went up to almost 1 a day, so that meant goodbye to constipation.

There were other studies too, especially for yacon’s effects on diabetes. Other studies about FOS also indicated that it can help control appetite and cravings. Studies also indicate that it helps you absorb minerals better.

Yacon Syrup and Dr. Oz

While these studies were being published, mainstream media and the people living in the US were still unaware of yacon. That changed dramatically when Dr. Oz featured yacon syrup in his TV show. It was that episode which propelled yacon syrup into the mainstream. In it, yacon’s abilities to help people lose weight, reduce their waistlines, regulate their blood sugar, and support good digestion, were all extolled.

But the hype didn’t stop there. The health team at the Dr. Oz show organized its own study just to confirm the initial 2009 study.

They had 60 women take one teaspoon of yacon syrup with or before each meal. That meant three teaspoons in a day. They were also told not to change their usual diets and exercise habits. The Dr. Oz study lasted 4 weeks, and 40 of the 60 women completed the study.

Out of the 40 women:

  • 29 of them lost weight, which accounted for 73% of participants.
  • The average weight loss for a month was 2.9 pounds, and 14 women lost at least 5 pounds in a month.
  • The average reduction in waistline was 1.9 inches.
  • Of the 29 women, 27 of them recommended the weight loss supplement.

How Yacon Syrup Works?

Yacon syrup weight loss results

Yacon syrup weight loss results

So how does yacon syrup help people lose weight? Here are several possible reasons:

  • It satisfies your cravings for sweets without having to pile on lots of calories. The desire for sweets can be insidious, and when they are denied it can really cause you to quit your diet. By giving you that sweet taste of molasses, you don’t have to go hunting for forbidden desserts.
  • The FOS feeds the good bacteria in the colon, and increasing the levels of these good bacteria can help you maintain healthy weight.
  • The FOS also affects the production of particular gastrointestinal peptides, which regulate insulin levels and food consumption. In other words, it helps you eat less because the yacon syrup controls your food cravings and your appetite.

Those are just the weight loss benefits. Yacon syrup helps with diabetes and high cholesterol. It also makes calcium more bioavailable, and this can help strengthen your bones and help you against osteoporosis. Yacon also has neutraceuticals that help your immune system work more effectively, so that you have a lower risk of infection.

*** My Personal Experience with Yacon ***

All the data I got from my research made me want to try out yacon syrup. So first I had to find the right product. It’s easy enough to know where to buy yacon syrup – you just go online.

The brand I got (Yacon Molasses) was made in the US, and it was actually manufactured in a lab that’s cGMP certified and registered with the FDA. It was 100% pure organic and it contained 50% Fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

I also visited my doctor before taking the syrup. You always consult your doctor when you try out anew supplement. My doctor didn’t object because…

  • I was older than 18 years old, as yacon syrup is not recommended for children.
  • I didn’t have diarrhea or loose stools, because if I did then the yacon syrup (which cures constipation) can make them worse.
  • I wasn’t allergic to sunflower seeds (they’re related to yacon), sot that meant I probably wasn’t allergic to yacon syrup.
  • I wasn’t breastfeeding or pregnant at the time.
Yacon Molasses personal review

I lost weight using Yacon Molasses – picture from my kitchen

I got the 16-ounce bottle, which was enough for 32 tablespoons. That’s a little bit more than a month’s worth, since the recommended dosage was 1 tablespoon a day. One tablespoon is 3 teaspoons—I checked it online too—so that means 1 teaspoon for me 3 times a day.

The instructions also said that it’s best to take it before a meal, so that’s one teaspoon before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For the breakfast portion, I just used it as a sweetener for my morning coffee. According to my research, that should be okay. It’s only when you use it when there’s really high temperatures involved (like in baking) that you may lose some of the beneficial effects.

So I took my yacon syrup faithfully for a month. This is the great thing about this supplement. There’s no great hardship involved like in fasting diets or in extreme workouts. So there’s very little chance of quitting.

As an added measure, I also kept my diet in check. No sodas, no junk food, no fast food. I tried to cut down on processed sugar, so of course all those sinful desserts were out. I had lots of veggies and fruits (or at least, as much as I could).

I also exercised and I also did half an hour of brisk walking around the neighborhood 3 to 4 times a week. Going to the gym regularly didn’t really fit my work schedule. In that sense, I’m like most people.

I didn’t really care about scientific integrity. I just wanted to lose weight, so if there was any way I could help the yacon do its stuff, I did it. I wasn’t out to duplicate the results of other yacon studies, nor did I have any plans of publishing in a scientific journal.

The point was that I was doing all the other extra stuff, but I didn’t have yacon syrup then.

Does Yacon Syrup Work?

It did for me. I actually lost more than 10 pounds and more than 2 inches around my waist in 5 weeks.

And it also worked for all those women on the Dr. Oz yacon syrup experiment, as well for the women in the Argentine study I mentioned earlier. And if you root around online, you’ll come across yacon syrup reviews which indicate that it does work.

But the real question here is: will it work for you? And the answer to that is: no one knows for sure until you try it. This is one of the most annoying realities of weight maintenance: that each person may react differently to the food and supplements they are taking. Some people can eat anything they want and they don’t gain a pound, while others balloon after a bite of cheesecake. It’s the same principle at work with yacon syrup or for any other supplement—it may work for some and not work for others.

But even though I can’t really speak for the others, I can speak for myself. And I’m telling you, the fact that I can lose that many pounds and take off that many inches from my waistline, while not exactly fasting and running the marathon every week, makes yacon syrup just about the best weight loss supplement I’ve ever tried.

My Yacon Molasses results

It even tastes nice, and if you’ve been on a diet you know how important taste is. After all that bland, tasteless diet food items, a teaspoon of sweet yacon molasses actually makes for a nice change.

So should you buy it? My answer is, why the heck not? What have you got to lose? It’s not as if it’s super-expensive. Before you try to kill yourself with extreme diets and killer workouts, try yacon syrup first.

Just don’t use it as a license to indulge in sweets and sit on the couch all day long. Use some common sense. Try to say no to sweets and processed foods, and then try to be active as much as you can.

Yacon syrup is a supplement that can help you lose weight. It’s not a miracle drug. I’m not telling you that it will work for you. Rather, I’m saying that it may work for you, just as it worked for me and many others who wanted to lose weight.

You can buy Yacon Molasses by clicking this link. This is the product I used in my weight loss experiment.

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