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by Sam Marshall on January 3, 2014

Where To Buy Yacon Syrup - My GuideDo you wonder where to buy Yacon syrup? There are few options and I’m going to present the best of them in this article.

With so many different types of diet products available today, it can be more confusing than ever before to try and figure out just which one is right for you and will provide you with the results you need without side effects. If you have heard about Yacon syrup on one of the popular daytime television shows, then knowing where to buy Yacon syrup is important. This product is not commonly found in stores as of yet, and buying it at a health food store can be very expensive.

Where to Buy Yacon Syrup

While you might think that buying this in your local health food store would be the best idea, the truth is that you will get a much better deal when you buy Yacon Syrup online. Right now, you can buy both pure Yacon Syrup or Yacon root capsules, which can make losing weight even easier. Also, you will get a money back guarantee and a free online membership into a weight loss program.

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Yacon Molasses and its benefits

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The Best Options of Yacon Syrup Products Available On the Market

As Yacon Syrup becomes more and more popular among people who want to lose weight as well as improve their overall health status, it becomes infinitely harder to choose among the different Yacon products in the market. To avoid wasting time, and your hard-earned cash, it is best to know about the top picks based on price as well as expected results. Below are some of the best (if not most affordable) Yacon products in the market today, which have been selected based on their performance as well as customer feedback.

Yac-O-Power (Concentrate Formula)

Yac-O-Power bottleFor those who are looking to Yacon as a weight loss aid or health supplement for the first time, it may be wise to start with something inexpensive. The Yac-O-Power is a natural sweetener that can be used to replace the sugar you normally mix with daily beverages such as coffee and tea. At first glance, this syrup looks just like any other liquid sweetener, but it is indeed so much more.

Among the health benefits of Yac-O-Power include safe weight loss (targeted specially for women), reduced hunger pangs/cravings, and lowered blood sugar (with regular use for at least 8 weeks). With a daily dose of at least 1/2 teaspoon mixed with any of your preferred beverage, you can expect to lose weight within 2 months of usage.
People suffering from diabetes would definitely benefit from using Yacon, especially those who still crave sweets but are unable to indulge due to their illness.

For $25 or less you can purchase Yac-O-Power, which is a cost effective way of becoming acquainted with the many benefits of Yacon syrup.

Yacon Molasses – Pure and Organic Yacon Syrup

Yacon Molasses - Purest Yacon SyrupA weight loss solution that can also be used as a healthy sweetener is definitely one of the best selling points of this product. Often, people have to contend with supplements that either taste bland or just terrible. With Yacon Molasses, you get something that is actually a pleasure to consume, not to mention packed-full of health benefits that even the best multi-vitamins cannot provide.

While predominantly marketed as a weight loss aid, Yacon Molasses also provide immuno-boosting properties, which translates to a lower incidence of sickness, especially as far as degenerative and/or life threatening illnesses.

Weight loss effects brought on by this product have been consistently reported as impressive compared to other mid-range Yacon supplements in the market presently. Based on the results of the study conducted on volunteer participants (mostly women), the average weight loss was at least five pounds in a span of three weeks. This is remarkable, considering the subjects were not on any kind of strict diet plan or exercise regimen.

Across the board, customers have been raving about the Yacon Molasses as its weight loss effects have been proven to be staggering. Other fringe benefits have also been reported by customers, especially those who are dealing with more than one health concern (i.e. obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc).

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Yacon Root Pure 500 Mg

Yacon Root Capsules 500 mgYacon products come in many forms, one of which is oral pills, which are easier to take and carry around. For people who are road warriors or are not fond of using syrup (or any kind of sweetener for their beverages for that matter), this product is an ideal pick for a Yacon supplement. The Yacon Root Pure is an oral supplement that is formulated using some of the highest concentration of Yacon, which makes for a potent weight loss aid.

In addition, the FOS or Fructooligosaccharides present in Yacon allows for controlled blood sugar levels, which can reduce, if not completely negate the symptoms of diabetes.

Important Note: When choosing which product is best to purchase, it is best to decide based on what your needs are and not the cost of the products. The Yacon Root Pure and Yacon Molasses, for instance, are in the same pricing category so you have to pick one based on how you want to take your supplements (whether as a pill or a food product). Either way, you are getting a very powerful formula that has been well received by customers so far.

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Yacon Diet Program

The Yacon Diet SetThere are many excellent reasons for wanting to go with top-of-the-line in Yacon products, not the least of which is the faster rate of weight loss and a much wider range of health benefits. The Yacon Diet is more than just a supplement that you need to take everyday. In fact, it is a complete and comprehensive health regimen that is designed specifically to target weight issues as well as other serious health conditions that can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life.

The Yacon Diet is comprised of the Yacon Syrup, oral pills, and access to a weight loss guide (called the slimming + membership), which helps people monitor their progress and streamline their own program if they wish to do so.

Who is the Yacon Diet For?

While many people are impressed with the Yacon Diet and its results, some remain skeptical and apprehensive towards pricing. There is a reason why this product costs as much as it does, and it is because of the unique approach to weight management as well as other health concerns.

The Yacon Diet is for people who want more than just rapid weight loss. It is intended for those who want a comprehensive approach to health management, since Yacon is one of the most versatile plant-based supplement in the market today. As Dr. Oz has mentioned in his show (a number of episodes have been dedicated to the Yacon Study), Yacon is good for men and women of all ages (18 and up), races, and economic status.


Some of the effects of using Yacon Syrup include the following:

  • Rapid weight loss, sans the rebound effect (some products do cost you to lose weight fast, but do not prevent weight gain, which will result to fluctuation)
  • Comprehensive cleansing of the digestive tract (as a result you will feel less bloated, and there will be less bouts with constipation, flatulence, and indigestion)
  • Significant boost of the immune system (fortifying the body’s first line of defense against infections)
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced brain function (based on clinical as well as a few field studies, specifically on memory/recall)
  • Cancer prevention
  • Clearer skin (resolves blemishes and effects of sun exposure such as hyper pigmentation and sun spots)
  • Lower cholesterol level
  • Increased insulin efficiency (this is important for diabetics with weight management issues since insulin affects how much fat is stored in the body)
  • Energy boost

Which Yacon Product is Best to Use?

Now that you have a healthy selection of products, making a choice should not be that hard at all. If you are hoping for the best possible results one can get from Yacon, the Yacon Molasses will be on top of the list. While you can certainly get reasonably good results from cheaper products such as the Yac-O-Power, the best effects can still be found with products that are cleverly formulated such as the Yacon Molasses.

You cannot go wrong with Yacon as long as you are using genuine products. It all boils down to how much you want to get from this supplement and whether or not you are willing to pay the premium for such dramatic improvements.

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Yacon Molasses - Highest Quality Yacon Syrup

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