Yacon Syrup – A Sweetener Full Of Nutrition with Lowest Glycemic Index

by Sam Marshall on January 10, 2014

Yacon Syrup Glycemic Index – Is it possible that sweetener can help lose weight?

Yacon syrup glycemic index helps lose weight

Have you given up in your weight loss fight? Well, you are not alone in this. People face a lot of difficulties in order to maintain fitness, such as following strict diet plans, exercising heavily or taking weight loss supplements but these and many other options are all temporary. As soon as you stop following them, you stop losing weight and end up being fatter. With the blessing of modern technology there is an amazing new discovery on a natural weight loss ingredient called Yacon syrup. Yacon syrup is high in nutrition that helps you balance your weight along with giving you amazing health benefits.  Continue reading to find more about it.

Discover More About Yacon Syrup

Yacon syrup is basically a juice of Yacon plant root that is and cooked in the form of dark color syrup. Yacon plant looks very similar to sweet potatoes and have tuberous roots filled with these nutritious juice. Yacon syrup has been used since decades by the SouthAmericans due to its healing and health properties such as in diabetes, renal disorders, digestive problems and so forth. Recently, this plant has caught attention after the research, which confirmed that it is also very helpful in reducing weight.

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Yacon Syrup Glycemic Index

Most people are concerned that dieting will deprive them from all the sweet things that they love to eat and drink. Well, that is not the case for Yacon Syrup. Yacon syrup tastes similar to molasses. Yacon syrup has been found to have the lowest glycemic index of 1. Even though it is low in glycemic index, this amazing syrup will provide your taste buds with the sweetness that you are craving for. People using Yacon syrup in their diet can easily enjoy their tea, coffee and other drinks by adding it without the fear of having high blood sugar. It contains inulin sugar which cannot be broken down by the digestive system so this means that you can enjoy sweetness without any calories. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Yacon syrup glycemic index is lower than famous sugar alternatives such as agave nectar, fructose and brown rice syrup.

Yacon syrup weight loss results

Weight loss results people are getting on a Yacon syrup diet

Nutrition present in Yacon Syrup

Yacon Syrup is not just empty calories that are discovered to satisfy your sweet taste buds. Yacon syrup is rich in nutrition and provides you many essential nutrients that are required by our body to perform better. Yacon syrup contains vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E which are essential for healthy bones, skin and healthy heart. Yacon syrup contains potassium that supports healthy heart function and water balance in the body. Yacon syrup also consists of fatty acids that play a vital role in regulating metabolism along with iron that protects you from anemia. Yacon syrup is also loaded with fiber that overcomes constipation. In short, Yacon syrup gives you a full dose of nutrition that is required for healthy life.

Where to buy pure Yacon syrup?

There are many suppliers and whole foods distributors that claim to provide you the purest from of Yacon syrup but among those, the most reliable brand is definitely a “Yacon Molasses”. The Yacon Molasses consists of 100% pure Yacon syrup in the form of Yacon syrup. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee that proves the reliability of this product. Also, there are several satisfied customers who have expressed the amazing health benefits that they have achieved after using this product. The manufacturers are running short of supplies due to its extreme popularity so don’t wait till stocks last.

Albert says:Yacon Molasses with very low GI

“I was never a fan of natural weight loss products, but Yacon diet has made me think otherwise.”

Gloria says:

“Couldn’t believe that I am losing weight without skipping my meals”


With glycemic index of 1, there is nothing as good as Yacon Syrup that can help you to lose weight naturally. Visit the official website of The Yacon Molasses and place your order now.

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